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Bridgette Mayer Gallery will be featuring my paintings and sculpture at the Art Silicon Valley/San Francisco, an upcoming International Contemporary Art Fair. Art Silicon Valley/San Francisco (Art SV/SF) is Art Miami’s new International Contemporary and Modern Art Fair on the West Coast opening October 9-12, 2014. Centrally located between Silicon Valley and San Francisco, the […]

“Precipice” Catalogue Essay, 2009

In the paintings for “Precipice”, Rebecca Rutstein combines numerous ways of envisioning the world – from topographical wireframe imagery evoking computer models, to Japanese wood blocks, to isometric drawings of the seabed inspired by Marie Tharp’s interpretations of sonar readings. But when one looks across the thickets of grids, into the haunted orange landscape, and […]

“Abyss” Essay at Philadelphia International Airport, 2008

Philadelphia artist Rebecca Rutstein has developed a visual language within her paintings as a means to interpret as well as express the fantastic, mysterious, and often, unperceivable realms of nature. In this series Abyss, Rutstein has focused on the exploration and mapping of the ocean floor. She was inspired by the world-renowned oceanographer Marie Tharp […]

“Finish/Line” Exhibition Essay, 2007

In the traditional interplay between drawing and painting, drawing has been associated with artistic thinking, a way station between the interior impulse and the finished work, a linear figuring-out of the form being observed. These days, however, many artists invite drawing to the mixed party that is the finished painted surface. What we now see […]

“Abyss” Catalogue Essay, 2007

“No man is an island,” so the saying goes. Among the epiphanies revealed in Rebecca Rutstein’s art is the realization that no island is an island, either – it is a mountain, only partially obscured by water. Rutstein leads us beneath the surface. We see that, far from isolated, islands are landmarks in submerged landscapes […]

“Ebb & Flow” Catalogue Essay, 2005

It is very difficult to make a painting about love. While Rebecca Rutstein’s paintings do not immediately appear to be about the drama and pain of personal relationships, the titles lead us in that direction-topsy-turvy, you move me, i couldn’t sleep last night. Rutstein is essentially an abstract painter even though she often uses recognizable […]

Pew Fellowship Catalogue Essay, 2004

With their maps and legends, wire-frame forms and double helixes, volcanic cross-sections and strings of numbers, Rebecca Rutstein’s paintings present a daunting array of information to the viewer. That each of these images derives from different disciplines—from cartography to geology to biology to mathematics—further complicates matters. Exactly what does one need to know to understand […]

“Love & Subduction” Catalogue Essay, 2004

“Love and Subduction,” the title of Rebecca Rutstein’s exhibition, is a clever combination of words that speak to the overriding theme of this group of new paintings: narrative conveyed through the visual languages of science and personal iconography. Love is the easy part-it is manifested through Rutstein’s love of peak experience, landscape, place, and things. […]

2014 Benefit Exhibition for BalletX

On view: September 5 – October 3, 2014 Opening Reception: September 5, 2014 5 p.m. – 8 p.m. On view will be 220 artists with over 400 works! I am exhibiting some new mixed media panels. Proceeds will benefit BalletX, a contemporary Philadelphia dance company.

Review of “Young and Fun: Abstraction” at Bridgette Mayer Gallery

Young and Fun: Abstraction at Bridgette Mayer Gallery By lauren findlay July 18, 2014 Bridgette Mayer Gallery celebrated its 13th year this June with a colorful group show that included some of contemporary art’s biggest up-and-coming artists–Arden Bendler Browning, Clara Fialho, Federico Herrero, Nathan Pankratz, Rebecca Rutstein, Graeme Todd, and Laura Watt. See full article

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