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Artist at Sea 2015

Sponsored by Ocean Exploration Trust, Rutstein was an Artist in Residence on board the Nautilus science exploration vessel, as it sailed from the Galapagos Islands to Southern California in July 2015. During the three-week expedition, she set up a studio in the wet lab of the ship, while also serving as a science communication fellow responsible for communicating with museum groups through telepresence about the scientific exploration taking place. Rutstein collaborated with scientists who were mapping the ocean floor using multi beam sonar technology, and incorporated the live feed of data into her paintings. Using these data sets, Rutstein has created larger scale works back in her Philadelphia studio.

Lazaro Cardena Canyon

Galapagos Seamounts

Galapagos Seamounts 2

Galapagos Seamounts 3

Nicole's Caldera

Northern Mexican Coast

Galapagos I, 120x60", acrylic on canvas

Galapagos II, 120x60", acrylic on canvas

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