States I | 12x12 | acrylic & flashe on canvas

In January 2021, Rutstein gave a talk on her work to scientists at Integral Molecular and began her BioArt residency which runs from January thru March, 2021. She will work closely with scientists who are doing antibody research for Covid-19 vaccines, and create a body of work culminating in a solo exhibition at the Esther Klein Gallery in August 2021.

The Science Center and Integral Molecular launched the BioArt Residency as an unparalleled artist-in-residence experience, enabling artists to immerse themselves in a laboratory environment and explore the complexities of scientific research. The artists’ creative interpretations serve to engage broader audiences and stimulate meaningful dialogue and awareness. The BioArt Residency serves to improve the understanding of science and technology, foster a creative dialogue between artists and scientists, and create a direct positive impact on human health.