“Afterglow” Catalogue Essay, 2015

I’ll Know It When I See It: Thoughts on Rebecca Rutstein’s “Afterglow”

By Gerard Brown

When Rebecca Rutstein mounted her 2013 exhibit “Deep Rift” at Bridgette Mayer Gallery, a seismic shift was […]

“Precipice” Catalogue Essay, 2009

In the paintings for “Precipice”, Rebecca Rutstein combines numerous ways of envisioning the world – from topographical wireframe imagery evoking computer models, to Japanese wood blocks, to isometric drawings of […]

“Finish/Line” Exhibition Essay, 2007

In the traditional interplay between drawing and painting, drawing has been associated with artistic thinking, a way station between the interior impulse and the finished work, a linear figuring-out of […]

“Abyss” Catalogue Essay, 2007

“No man is an island,” so the saying goes. Among the epiphanies revealed in Rebecca Rutstein’s art is the realization that no island is an island, either – it is […]

“Ebb & Flow” Catalogue Essay, 2005

It is very difficult to make a painting about love.

While Rebecca Rutstein’s paintings do not immediately appear to be about the drama and pain of personal relationships, the titles lead […]

Pew Fellowship Catalogue Essay, 2004

With their maps and legends, wire-frame forms and double helixes, volcanic cross-sections and strings of numbers, Rebecca Rutstein’s paintings present a daunting array of information to the viewer. That each […]

“Love & Subduction” Catalogue Essay, 2004

“Love and Subduction,” the title of Rebecca Rutstein’s exhibition, is a clever combination of words that speak to the overriding theme of this group of new paintings: narrative conveyed through […]

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