Rutstein Exhibiting at Art Basel with Schmidt Ocean Institute

Blue Dreams Still #1, 2023, acrylic & spray paint on canvas, 36″ x 60″. Courtesy of the Artist & Bridgette Mayer Gallery

Art Basel | Miami Beach

Dec 6 – 10, 2023



Artist at Sea: Meet the Artist, Rebecca Rutstein
Thurs Dec 7, 11am-12pm

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Rebecca Rutstein will be exhibiting work at Art Basel Miami Beach Dec 6-10, 2023. In partnership with UNESCO, Nautilus Magazine and Schmidt Ocean Institute, this exhibition will present works from Schmidt Ocean Institute’s International Artist-at-Sea program, which hosts residencies for artists to participate in ocean science aboard the Institute’s Falkor (too) Research Vessel. (Rutstein sailed with Schmidt Ocean Institute in June 2016 from Vietnam to Guam). Artists featured include Max Hooper Schneider, Taiji Terasaki, Michel Droge, Robert Stackhouse, and Rebecca Rutstein, among others.

“We’re delighted to be showcasing at Art Basel Miami Beach. With our Artist-at-Sea program, we harness the power of art to tell the stories of science,” said Schmidt Ocean Institute Executive Director Dr. Jyotika Virmani. “The Ocean influences and sustains all life on Earth, and we deepen an understanding and appreciation of our planet through these transformative and immersive art experiences.”

“Building a more harmonious relationship with the ocean is one of the key challenges of United Nations’ Ocean Decade 2021-2030. UNESCO and its Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission are delighted to join Nautilus Magazine and other partners in organizing this unique event during ART BASEL MIAMI that blends art and science and to expose the deep connection between humans and the ocean”. – Vladimir Ryabinin, UNESCO


FRI DEC 8, 1-2PM


Join previous Artists-at-Sea Rebecca Rutstein, Carol Mickett and Robert Stackhouse, Lizzy Taber, Michel Droge, and special guests Runa Ray and Jane McCarthy (Taiji Terasaki Studios) in a discussion about the power of artistry intertwined with scientific inquiry. Panelists will share remarkable instances of artist engagement with research, illuminating the benefits of collaborative learning and creative interaction.

The conversation is open to the public and will also be streamed live on YouTube @nautilusmag


About the Painting
In 2021 Rutstein created a video piece entitled Blue Dreams in collaboration with scientists from the Ocean Memory Project (supported by the National Academy of Sciences / Keck Futures Initiative). Blue Dreams, recently on view at the National Academy of Sciences through the generous support of Schmidt Ocean Institute, is an immersive video installation which integrates abstract imagery, rare deep sea video footage (captured on a Falkor expedition in Mexico), and computer modeling, to illuminate hidden microbial networks in the deep ocean. These networks regulate global ocean chemistry, sequester carbon, and even mediate the air we breathe. The video is meant to inspire curiosity, wonder and connection to the deep ocean – which we rely on for our own survival – in the face of our changing climate.

In part of the video, Rutstein worked with a computer modeler who “animated” one of her paintings inspired by deep sea microbial networks, turning her wireframe imagery into pixels that morph and grow. For the painting on view at Art Basel, the artist came full circle and used the animation itself as inspiration for the work, capturing a moment from the video to create the painting Blue Dreams Still #1.


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