Studio Tour Hosted by Art Blog

Art Blog hosted a reception and tour at Rutstein’s Philadelphia studio and a site visit to her public art project at Temple University in November, 2016.artblog


Artist Lecture at Massachusetts School

Rutstein spoke with two 8th grade advanced science classes in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, about her work, STEAM and the intersection of art and science, and her experiences at sea.



Video Exhibition at Exploratorium

eploratorium “HIDDEN LANDSCAPES”
The Museum of Science, Art and Human Perception
San Francisco, CA

On view starting June 18, 2016

This digital exhibition by Rebecca Rutstein highlights new works including paintings and video footage from her Artist-at-Sea Residency on the Exploration Vessel Nautilus as it sailed from the Galápagos Islands to California. Rutstein created paintings in the wet lab, incorporating never-before-seen sonar mapping data of the ocean floor as it was captured in real-time.

This exhibition also features a video animation, a new endeavor for Rutstein. The animation reveals a hidden world beneath the Galápagos Islands using seafloor data of the Galápagos rift zone captured by the E/V Nautilus’ multibeam sonar technology. The viewer “flies” through this ethereal landscape, dipping into submarine canyons and and coasting over ridges. During this virtual journey the gridlines of data seem to disintegrate and reorganize, creating an abstract and compelling visceral experience. This animation was a collaboration between Rutstein and Onni Irish, a Master of Science in Ocean Mapping from the University of New Hampshire.




Rutstein Selected for New Artist-at-Sea Residency in Vietnam

art-at-sea-ship Rutstein has been selected to travel aboard research vessel Falkor for her second “Artist-at-Sea” residency in late June 2016. With the goal of making people rethink the way marine science is shared and breaking down the complexities of ocean research, Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI) recently launched their Artist-at-Sea program, and Rutstein is the third to participate.

Rutstein will sail from Nha Trang, Vietnam, in the South China Sea, to Guam, part of the Mariana Islands, located in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean. The Mariana Archipelago borders the deepest feature of the ocean, the Mariana Trench. Rutstein will create paintings in the wet lab of the ship during her time at sea, incorporating mapping data and other research collected from the region.

You can follow along the journey with blog entries HERE and the ship’s status HERE

Rutstein will also participate in a ship-to-shore communication open to the public to discuss her work on the Falkor on June 27th at 7pm EDT. You can watch the live stream on YouTube HERE or join the GOOGLE HANGOUT ON AIR HERE


VIEW full press release here

Rutstein Gives Lecture at Philadelphia-Area High School

Rutstein gave a talk in May, 2016, to a group of high school students in STEM and ART programs at a Philadelphia-area High School about the evolution of her art, the intersection of art and science, and her experience on the Nautilus as an Artist-at-Sea in 2015.


Hawaiian Radio Show Interviews Rebecca Rutstein

radio-logo-KHNR Rutstein was interviewed on a state-wide Hawaiian radio show called “All Things Marine” about her process, creating work at sea inspired by mapping data, and her upcoming residency on the R/V Falkor.

“All Things Marine” is a popular talk radio show based in Honolulu that highlights marine science and conservation, and is sponsored by COSEE Island Earth and the University of Hawaii Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology.

Hear a recording of the interview here (Rutstein’s interview starts at minute 44)

Rutstein Featured at Ocean Sciences Conference

Rutstein’s work on the E/V Nautilus was presented at the Ocean Sciences Conference in New Orleans in February, 2016, by Ocean Exploration Trust, and published in the accompanying supplement. This biannual conference was attended by 4,000 people.

ocean conference

Painting Auction to Benefit Nautilus Program

Rutstein has donated a painting that will be sold at a fundraising event in June on Robert Ballard’s E/V Nautilus, with full proceeds going to Ocean Exploration Trust’s Nautilus program and future ocean exploration.

For more information or if interested in purchase, please contact Bridgette Mayer at


Recent Commissions

Rutstein recently completed a large sculptural commission for a corporate lobby in Washington D.C. through Bridgette Mayer Art Advisors.



She also just completed several large paintings for a retail establishment opening a new location in Toronto, Canada.


New Works on view in Philadelphia

Rutstein will have five, large paintings on view through the summer at Roche Bobois, 311 Arch St, Philadelphia, from mid-June through August, 2016.

For more information on available works, please contact Bridgette Mayer.


Rutstein Selected as Artist-at-Sea aboard Research Vessel Falkor for Expedition in Tahiti


Following the success of her trip aboard the Nautilus exploration vessel in July 2015, Rebecca Rutstein has been selected from an applicant pool of over 100 artists to travel aboard the Falkor research vessel for her second “Artist at Sea” residency in February, 2016. With the goal of making people rethink the way marine science is shared and breaking down the complexities of ocean research, Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI) recently launched their Artist at Sea program, and Rutstein is the third to participate. Sponsored artists are asked to work side-by-side with the scientists and Falkor crew to develop art through close and productive collaborations. On this cruise, an expert team of scientists including Principal Investigator Dr. Chris German from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, will set out to study the geographically isolated submarine vents off the south-eastern limit of the Society Islands in the South Pacific Ocean, which are comprised of volcanically active seamounts that are largely unexplored.

While at sea Rutstein will create paintings inspired by the detailed maps collected of this uncharted territory, as well as collaborate on scientific research exploring the path of fluid flows emitted from hydrothermal vents. She will also have ship to shore communications with several Philadelphia area art and educational institutions. Additionally she will be speaking on an Hawaiian state-wide radio show called “All Things Marine” about her experiences. You can follow along the cruise by checking out the “featured stories” on SOI’s website at:

Rutstein Participates in Art Miami 2015 with Bridgette Mayer Gallery


Visit Bridgette Mayer Gallery booth A7 at ART MIAMI from December 1-6.

The fair is held in the renowned Wynwood Arts District which is located in midtown Miami. This year’s fair will showcase 125 international art galleries from countries including England, Germany, Spain, Poland, France, Austria, the Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, Israel, Japan and Switzerland.12239207_10153725019111054_8366509676849571938_o 12309887_10153725019246054_4085178831802532811_o

Rutstein completes first Public Art Project with Bridgette Mayer Art Advisors


FullSizeRender (2)

“Sky Terrain” is a permanent installation of 18 sculptures at 11th and Montgomery Streets on the campus of Temple University in Philadelphia. Rutstein was selected for this “One Percent for Art” Project by Committees from the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority and Temple University. The 5 x 10′ floating cloud sculptures constructed of bent, powder coated, steel start at the base of a newly built LEED-certified parking garage, and float up to the top of the five story building, breaking the architecture at the top of the structure.

In the daytime, the 16-gauge steel glistens and gleans in the sunlight, often casting shadows on the crème colored building supporting it. “Sky Terrain” also picks up hues from the surrounding buildings, sometimes appearing pink and blue. The ever-changing appearance of the installation is further enhanced by an animated lighting program in the evening.


FullSizeRender (3)


Shortly before sunset until shortly after sunrise, the LED lighting program mimics sky tone variations from sunset to dusk to twilight (even simulating twinkling stars), and is meant to activate the space into a dynamic experience. It is an opportunity for the public to enjoy these nature-inspired phenomena in an urban environment.

Rebecca Rutstein to Set Sail onboard Robert Ballard’s Exploration Vessel Nautilus

On July 6th, Rebecca Rutstein will be participating as an “Artist at Sea” Science Communication Fellow onboard Robert Ballard’s Exploration Vessel Nautilus through July 26th, 2015. Departing from the Galapagos Islands, she will work alongside scientists who will conduct hi-resolution multi-beam mapping of the ocean floor through the East Pacific. The team will then focus on the California Borderlands where more detailed mapping will take place in this tectonically complex region. Rutstein will be using the live feed of data to create paintings onboard the ship, and communicate through live interactions with audiences globally about the expedition.

Tune in to a live video feed at

nautilusSTUDIO EDIT_60*

Review of “Afterglow” in the Art Blog



Rebecca Rutstein’s Afterglow at Bridgette Mayer Gallery

By Alexander Fiorentino

May 28, 2015  

 [Alex enjoys a colorful, adventurous show of new works by artist Rebecca Rutstein, who moves between media with apparent ease. — the artblog editors]

Geometry, geography, and geology merge with whimsy and painterly color in Rebecca Rutstein’s latest solo exhibition at Bridgette Mayer Gallery. Her work, mostly paintings with the impressive addition of an installation in the back gallery, combines technological draftsmanship and, at times, cloying sentimentality–the unlikely pairing results in pleasing, universal works that speak abstractly of the structures which make up our world.

read more >

Write up of “Artist at Sea” Fellowship in the Art Blog


News post – Chris Burden passes away, Ken Lum launches Monument Lab, Rebecca Rutstein to set sail, opportunities and more.

By Alyssa Greenberg
May 12, 2015

Titanic Discoverer, Dr. Robert Ballard’s Exploration Vessel Nautilus, and soon to be home to Rebecca Rutstein. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Titanic Discoverer, Dr. Robert Ballard’s Exploration Vessel Nautilus, and soon to be home to Rebecca Rutstein. Photo courtesy of the artist.

via Bridgette Mayer Gallery – Artist as seafarer: Rebecca Rutstein has been selected as a 2015 “Artist at Sea” Science Communication Fellow set to sail aboard Exploration Vessel (E/V) Nautilus during its 2015 expedition, becoming a member of the Corps of Exploration aboard E/V Nautilus in July as they explore from the Galápagos Islands to the southern California coast, focusing on an area 1000 nautical miles west of Colima, Mexico to international waters, where there are two sites of interest for seafloor mapping. If you’re feeling intrepid (as we are!), Rutstein’s experiences are going to appear while she is at sea via streaming video on the Nautilus Live website, a 24-hour portal.

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