2021, Painting Commission
60 x 120″, Acrylic on Canvas


Shermans Dale, PA

The Bower is a developing 36-acre sculpture park and native landscape of meadows and woodland trails along the northern slope of the Appalachian Mountains in Central Pennsylvania. Sanctuary was installed in April 2021.

The Bower Sculpture Park is a sanctuary, a quiet place for contemplation to enjoy the beauty and coexistence of art and nature. The painting, Sanctuary, was designed and created to be housed within this idyllic sanctuary structure at the Bower, to tell the story of geologic forces through the medium of paint. Working with elevation data of the region, and deploying painting techniques that capture energy and movement, Sanctuary highlights the dramatic bends and folds of the Appalachian Mountains as they course through Central Pennsylvania. Through color, scale and imagery, Sanctuary is meant to coexist within its natural surroundings as a meditation on nature and memory.