Sky Terrain

Permanent Outdoor Public Art Commission

40′ x 70′ x 10″, powder coated steel, LED lighting program

Percent for Art Project Program

Funded by the City of Philadelphia’s Percent for Art Program, Sky Terrain is a permanent large-scale installation comprised of eighteen bent steel sculptures and an LED lighting program. The 5 x 10’ floating “clouds” span two walls of an LEED-certified parking garage, and float to the top of the five story building, breaking the architecture at the top.

In the daytime, the steel reflects sunlight creating tonal contrasts and often casting dramatic shadows onto the building, picking up hues from its surroundings and sometimes appearing pink and blue. The ever-changing appearance of the installation is transformed through illumination from dusk to dawn. Prompted by light sensors that detect sunset and sunrise, the LED lighting program silhouettes the sculptures with glowing light, mimicking sky tone colors including sunset, dusk, blue hour and twilight, even simulating twinkling stars. The dynamic viewing experience activates the space and creates visual attention to this once drab, concrete corner of Temple University’s campus.

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